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Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure - MEIM

Jean S. Phinney, 1992


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A source:

Phinney, J. (1992). The Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure: A new scale for use with adolescents and young adults from diverse groups. Journal of Adolescent Research, 7, 156-176.

Methods Phinney J. S. measuring the intensity of ethnic identity

It has subsequently been used in dozens of studies and has consistently shown good reliability, typically with Alphas above .80 across a wide range of ethnic groups and ages. 

On the basis of recent work, including a factor analysis of a large sample of adolescents, it appears that the measure can best be thought of as comprising two factors, ethnic identity search (a developmental and cognitive component) and affirmation, belonging, and commitment (an affective component). 

Two items have been dropped and a few minor modifications have been made.  Attached is the current revision of the measure, without the measure of Other-group orientation.




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