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The Workaholism Analysis Questionnaire

Emphasizing Work-Life Imbalance and Addiction in the Measurement of Workaholism

Author: Shahnaz Aziz, Ben Uhrich, Karl L. Wuensch, Brian Swords

East Carolina University

Please answer the following questions concerning how you feel about various aspects of your work by choosing one of the five alternatives that best reflects your answer.

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Interpretation of results:



Up to 60% - workaholism is absent
61-66% - low level of workaholism
67-75% average
76-80% - high
81% or more - very high

From the authors:

A new measure of workaholism, the Workaholism Analysis Questionnaire (WAQ), was created and validated in a heterogeneous sample of working professionals. The WAQ demonstrated strong internal reliability, convergent validity, concurrent validity, discriminant validity, and content validity. This is the first study to create a measure of workaholism that was psychometrically tested on a heterogeneous working population. Furthermore, the WAQ is the first measure to define workaholism more broadly and provide a more comprehensive assessment by including items that directly tap into work-life imbalance, a common symptom of workaholism and other addictive disorders.


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